The 10 DOLPHIN HEALING KEY©SF Light Connection Vibrational Frequency sprays and 27 affirmationcards©SF have been given to us by our dear friends and intelligent, loving guides: the dolphins and whales. They are for external use. A new quantum approach to healing and wholeness.

The light frequencies are created to assist you in these times of rapid change on your path to lightness of Being and wholeness.


They connect you to your magnificence and assist you to create your best life now in every aspect of your being. As GAIA is responding to the new incoming light, our body, spirit, thoughts and believes are in need of support to relieve and release ourselves from heavy or painful cell memory, so we will renew our awareness and realize that we are the White Light love frequency.


When this white light shines through a prism, it refracts into all the different colors of the rainbow. Yes, we too carry all these colors.


The DOLPHIN HEALING KEY©SF Light Frequencies will bring you home to who you really are. You will receive and integrate new information, which will help you to experience your true radiance and magnificence and they will assist you

in creating Heaven on Earth.


This is an easy flowing intervention towards a new balance, a clearer communication and deep connection with your Source.